3 ways OfficeMaps benefits your Law Firm

OfficeMaps is an intuitive technology solution that was developed by NextLegal and Radix Software in Australia, to provide a range of productivity enhancements and efficiencies for Law Firms.

OfficeMaps is a visual staff directory and interactive floor plan tool, with the following key benefits:


1 – Staff Efficiency

OfficeMaps allows staff to quickly and easily find people by information such as name, role, location, skills, department, industry experience, spoken language or project teams as examples. Relevant information includes contact information, days worked, office location, profile pictures, author / secretary information and available capacity.

For new starters, OfficeMaps will be the most useful tool they will have available, as they begin to navigate their new environment, new teams and many new faces. Interactive and searchable floor maps provide information such as offices, free desks, available meeting rooms, nearby printers, lifts, exits, car parks and much more.


2 –  Location Independence

By allowing staff (in or out of the office) to easily find the right people at the right time, your team can collaborate efficiently and effectively, regardless of their physical location.

With OfficeMaps, staff travelling between offices do not need to waste the limited time they have, searching for an available desk to use. Contractors, temporary staff, consultants or even new starters, can be sent a link ahead of time, to show where they will be working, even before they step foot on-site.


3- Workspace Efficiency

OfficeMaps integrates with Outlook calendars and allows your staff to quickly and easily identify available workspaces, meeting rooms or even car spaces. OfficeMaps can also allow you and other teams to proactively plan for office and floor moves.

OfficeMaps allows you to design seating arrangements, printer locations, workspace design and other details, all ahead of time. These changes can be made available for staff from the moment the changes take place, ensuring minimal business disruption and productivity losses.

At 40 cents AUD per staff member / per month, OfficeMaps only needs to save each staff member just 1 minute per month, to provide a return on investment.

If you would like a demonstration, you can schedule a demonstration below or contact me directly steven.tyndall@nextlegal.com.au.

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About the Author

Steven provides law firms with IT strategy and direction. He is passionate about assisting firms to extract more from their technology investments and discovering technology enabled opportunities. Steven presents regularly in the legal sector and contributed to the George Beaton e-book, NewLaw New Rules. He formed NextLegal in 2014 to provide law firms with greater technology insight, advice and capability.