‘My Legal CIO’ – Legal Technology Strategy and Advisory Service

My Legal CIO - Legal Technology Strategy and Advisory Service



‘My Legal CIO’ is a Legal Technology Strategy and Advisory Service that provides your firm with the on-going insight, advice and direction to ensure your firm is:

    1. aware of and able to act on opportunities,
    2. maximising the benefits of your current technology spend,
    3. selecting the right software solutions for your firm,
    4. leveraging technology to operate as efficiently as possible,
    5. mitigating risk; and
    6. adding maximum value to your clients.


Our approach

Approach - NextLegal 'My Legal CIO'


Technology in the legal sector

Technology is one of the key factors that is continuing to shape what clients expect from their legal providers. Clients are relentlessly chasing greater value and delivering that value is becoming increasingly difficult for most firms. The core drivers for investment in technology for law firms include: Key drivers for Legal Technology

Taking it to the next level:

This service aims to deliver the greatest value to firms between 15 to 150 staff that do not have access to strategic legal technology expertise in-house.  To find out more, please call 07 3505 0166 or email Steven Tyndall at steven.tyndall@nextlegal.com.au



About the Author

Steven provides law firms with IT strategy and direction. He is passionate about assisting firms to extract more from their technology investments and discovering technology enabled opportunities. Steven presents regularly in the legal sector and contributed to the George Beaton e-book, NewLaw New Rules. He formed NextLegal in 2014 to provide law firms with greater technology insight, advice and capability.